PSA Group Submissions Coming Soon! More BIG News Coming!

PSA Group Submissions Coming Soon!  More BIG News Coming!

We have some great news to announce at Pullwax!  After long consideration and thought, we have decided to roll out Group PSA Submission offerings to our community!  We do not have exact methods or tiers of submissions yet, but we have been working endlessly to think of different options in getting your sports cards graded. PSA Submissions have arguably increased to the highest degree across the sports card industry within the past 4 months.  COVID-19 did not help with this process, either.  While PSA seems to be getting more submissions than they ever have in that period, we are still...

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New Pullwax Live Record? 14+ Hour Review!

New Pullwax Live Record?  14+ Hour Review!

Image via @TheRealPullman On Monday night, Pullwax may have recorded its longest Instagram Live to date!  With only a few 5-10 minute intermissions to get water or set up Team Breaks, the Pullwax staff managed to go strong with Pullwax Live for 14+ hours of ripping sports cards!  Who would have figured that this milestone would happen on a Monday? We featured a lot of our traditional ways to open up packs last night.  There was randomly a good mix of both NBA and NFL personals from last night.  In fact, NFL Panini Prizm 2018-19 Hobby was very popular.  We...

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Pullwax Weekly Preview: Things To Look For

This past weekend at Pullwax featured a bunch of great new products along with some huge cards pulled in personal breaks!  While most of the community knows we decided to open up the highly coveted case of NBA Select Hobby 2013-14 (3-4 boxes thus far), and we also opened up a 1 of 1 Lonzo Ball Black Courtside late last night! This week at Pullwax, we plan to roll out some of our most classic products ever created!  This includes our staple product PullPax and PullBox along with a few other new additions! Our newer and very affordable $20 mystery...

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Pullwax Giannis RC Chase Begins! Opening Sealed Select 2013-14 Case

Pullwax Giannis RC Chase Begins!  Opening Sealed Select 2013-14 Case

When do we ever get to see something crazy like this?  Yes, this is a SEALED CASE of NBA Select Hobby 2013-14 containing many one of a kind hits such as Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Cards and many others. The amazing irony of all this happening is that 7 years ago yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks took a huge gamble on drafting Giannis!  Somehow, 7 years later,  Pullwax and it’s community are chasing his Rookie Cards!  Certain graded Giannis Rookie Cards are worth upwards of 5,000+ which is crazy, and might even go up more in value with a chance of consecutive...

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Pullwax Product Update/Weekend Preview!

We hope everyone has been well!  It seems like our beautiful hobby has been growing more and more daily!  We have all been making the most of everything with no sports for almost 7 full months.  Who would have thought that this would have ever happened globally?   On a positive note, the staff at Pullwax has been working super long days and nights in an attempt to bring in the top rated new, and older products for our community!   Some of the great newer high end products we have available this week include NBA Noir Hobby, NBA Select ...

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