Who you got, Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa?

The owner/GM of the Bengals, Mike Brown, has a fun yet challenging decision to make. Going into the 2019 NFL season, Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was the consensus 1st overall pick for the 2020 draft. Dolphins fans will remember the T-Shirts and Instagram posts about "Tank for Tua." However, as the 2019 NCAA football season progressed, the landscape changed drastically, as is possible in any league at any time. While Tagovailoa got hurt, bringing up concerns about his durability, a new star was born in LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Not only did he dismantle Tua's Red Tide, seemingly ending one of the most dominant dynasties in college football history, he went on to win the National Championship on the back of several incredible come from behind wins. Before the 2019 football season, not many people knew of Burrow outside of Baton Rouge but now he is a household name dripping in swag. Mike Brown has a few options. He can do what everyone is expecting and draft Joe Burrow. This would by no means be a bad move. Burrow looked more NFL ready in the National Championship run than any college QB has in a long time. He was a fearless general on the field behind Ed Orgeron's pro style offense and he seems to have ice in his veins, coming back from multi-touchdown deficits more than once. He also has a cannon of an arm, hitting guys downfield with more range and accuracy than a lot of NFL quarterbacks. Another option for Mike Brown is to draft Tagovailoa first overall. This would seem like a waste of the draft capital to most given how the last season played out, but then again GM's know more about their teams than we do. However, if Mike Brown truly sees Tagovailoa as the next signal caller for the Bengals, he is probably better off trading down with a team who wants Burrow. This wouldn't be a bad move seeing as Tagovailoa is more of a project right now, just like the Bengals, and a team closer to being a contender might want the battle ready Burrow and be willing to pay a kings ransom for him. No matter what happens in this years draft, it is going to be interesting to see where these two quarterbacks end up. If it were us making the decision, we would draft Burrow and never look back. 

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