What is CLCT?

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Have you ever wondered about something you’re involved in daily, but may now know the name or origin of where it started?  Well, today’s blog will describe and better try to understand the trading stock CLCT and its relation to trading cards, sports memorabilia, autographs and much more!
CLCT was created in 1986, and currently has around 400-500 employees.  CLCT is also more commonly known as Collectors Universe to people in the stock trading industry.
This unique company specializes in 3rd party authentication services through the main platforms that we are all getting familiar with again.  For example, they are a partner with PSA Card.
Predictions for the future of Collectors Universe are very bright!  Collectibles and sports cards hit the ground running, fast.  While many different niche markets of collectibles have remained popular forever, this recent surge should absolutely help CLCT!  We are excited to study more trends in this stock with our community.
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