Weekend Recap: NEW Pullwax Products

This past weekend had endless activities for our Pullwax Family.  We launched our first clothing release, celebrated birthdays, opened up crazy Team Breaks and had too many other great moments.
Not only did we release new merch, but a new Pullwax product surfaced to the public on Sunday night!  The new premium product that we rolled out was SlabPax. This new and unique $100 product includes 1 Graded NBA Card!
Each card that was opened up on our Sunday Live was a Rookie!  We saw a handful of really nice Blue/Green/Gold Shimmer Rookie Autographs as well. This product is an exclusive collab between It’s Popped x Pullwax.  We are very excited to see what you guys think of this new addition to our daily menu!
We hope you guys had a fun and safe weekend. And as always, stay tuned in with our social media accounts for the latest news and giveaways!

Making Cards Great Again!


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