Weekend Preview: Team Breaks, Pullbox, Sealed Wax Restocks!

Image via Pullwax

We are in for another treat this weekend with lots of different breaks and custom products to offer everyone.  Last weekend, we rolled out the first ever Pullbox to our community. This custom product made by the Pullwax staff (Big Kahoon and company) was very popular as we made multiple different versions!  We offered a $100, $150, $200 and $250 value Pullbox over the weekend; each sold out in less than a few hours!
The main concept of a Pullbox offers a “hit draft” format where people sign up for any spot 1-10, and then choose draft picks after the spots are randomized.  The Pullbox is multi-sport, with big cards from the NBA and NFL.
One of the core positive ideas for this custom product is that nobody goes home empty handed or feeling like they totally lost!  The Pullbox is meant for huge hits for the top draft picks, while the lower draft picks are still able to get high value cards with upside.
Make sure to also be on the lookout for more Team Breaks and other of your favorite products to restock just in time for the weekend!
We hope to chat with everyone soon, and make sure to check our Facebook and Instagram!
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