Top Stories To Follow This NBA Season

#1. James Harden and his situation with Houston.

James Harden had himself a busy past couple months. It all started with his nightclub scandal in the bubble, and violating NBA protocols. Now reports within the past couple weeks are saying how Harden is basically demanding a trade. The Nets, Heat, and Bucks were all in the conversation to land one of the premier guards in the league, but since the NBA has started nothing has changed. After answering “new questions” to a reporter who asked “if his relationship with Houston has changed”, it doesn’t look too good for James Harden and the Rockets. With adding John Wall, Boogie Cousins, and a young forward in Christian Wood; it’s surprising James Harden doesn’t give it a shot with the new look Rockets team.

#2. Kevin Durant and the Nets.

Kevin Durant is arguably one of the best players in the NBA… when healthy that is. After tearing his right Achilles in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA finals, people forgot about the name Kevin Durant.

After joining the Nets in last year’s free agency we had questions of how he and Kyrie Irving will work together. Once videos were released of KD’s shooting stokes, and his movement on the court, people started to question if “he could get back to what he used to be”. With health being a huge concern, team chemistry with Kyrie, and ability to make a deep run in the East, the Brooklyn Nets should be a hot topic surrounding the NBA season.

#3. Can the Lakers repeat?

The LA Lakers on paper have one of the best rosters in the NBA. Having the best player in the NBA with LeBron James, a rising superstar in Anthony Davis, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, and other top players; they were always the favorite to win… and they delivered. With LeBron getting his 4th ring, people ask the question if they can repeat. With gaining more top players like Marc Gasol, Wesley Matthews, and Dennis Schroder; The Lakers are on track to win back-to-back NBA Championships. “Playoff LeBron” is a different player and if we see the Lakers win the West, there should not be anything standing in their way of getting another ring.

#4. The NBA East seeding.

The Western Conference in the NBA has always been considered the superior of the two. Everyone always considered playing in the East did not require much skill, it was washed up, and if you were not in the “Top 3” you were not competitive. I think the East is going to be extremely interesting. With tons of top rookies coming into their sophomore season, we could see teams like the 76ers, Kincks, and possibly the Hawks make their way to the playoffs. Even teams like the Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, and even the Charlotte Hornets adding big names this free agency could make a spark. The East is going to be extremely competitive and will be completely open as far as the 4th - 8th seed.

#5. Who will win MVP?

Vegas has Luka Doncic as favorite to win MVP this coming season. We also cannot forget about last year’s winner Giannis Antetokounmpo. Lebron James will still be in conversation too. We also have questions if Kevin Durant will come back and take the trophy, or players like Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, and Damian Lillard. All of these players are more than capable of exceeding expectations and preforming at all time highs. With the NBA having the shortest off- season in league history, this will be a true test of who the Most Valuable Player in the NBA actually is!

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