The Boom of PSA and Sports Cards Globally

Image via PSA Card
We are experiencing a rather big wave of sports card collectors being born, and reborn into the amazing hobby!  Not only that, but the industry of Graded Sports Cards (PSA, BGS, SGC) have also taken off with full steam.
The graph shown depicts that the amount of cards graded by PSA in 2018 is more than the total amount from 2013-2017 combined!  Sports cards have come back into popularity around the world in all aspects!  Low end, and high end cards are both selling by the millions on eBay and other platforms.  People are bidding and watching online auctions at all hours of the day!
There are endless ways to dive back into the hobby, and PSA has truly become a staple in the community.  A PSA 10 Graded Sports Card is one of the most prestigious ways to stamp a card as “legit” and also a way to add extreme value to rare sports cards.
We will continue to study these crazy trends in our industry as they are changing daily!  Recent spikes in Jayson Tatum and Patrick Mahomes PSA 10 Graded Rookie Cards have totally been catching our eyes in the past few weeks!  Who will be next to make a jump in the market?
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