Pullwax Weekend Preview

We plan to have another weekend packed with good times and interacting with our Pullwax Community!


We are not going Live tonight as we plan to organize and prepare for a big weekend.  However, we absolutely plan to go Live Friday-Sunday night.  This weeks preparations have featured a big and exciting restock on a bunch of different series!


Restocked products for the weekend include NBA Prizm Hobby, NBA Prizm FOTL, Blasters, Fastbreak and NBA select FOTL.  Don’t forget about Select Hobby or Hybrid!


For our NFL collectors, we were lucky and also grabbed NFL Flawless.  Who doesn’t like to break a sweat and rip open some of these top shelf boxes?  You never know what kind of MONSTER is coming next!


We hope to chat with everyone this weekend and enjoy one another’s virtual company.  Until then, make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram. 


Making Cards Great Again!

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