Pullwax Trending Players, Weekly Preview And More!

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Another weekend in the books where sports have had their ups and downs, just like anything else!  In regards to the NBA specifically, players and coaches have started to make their way into entering the bubble and getting ready to resume their season.  The rules are very serious, and one unique rule put in place is that players have to show up to games already in uniform instead of having pregame outfits and extra resting time.  This is a rule that NBA supporters have never heard of before.
Measures like these seem fair because many players around the league have already tested Positive for COVID-19.  Even today, fans received the news that both NBA Superstars James Harden and Russell Westbrook unfortunately got sick at a bad time in the season.  We wish them both a speedy recovery with hopes of returning to playoff action!
With playoffs around the corner, there are a handful of players that Pullwax will be focusing on with their developments as the season unfolds.  These names include players like Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard and Tyler Herro!  Each of these players cards have already seen at least a small spike in their cards already!  Aside from Durant, each of the named players could also blow up during the playoffs.
These players have a good chance to trend upwards in value because they could either play good, or their team could make a deep run and cause them to rise in stock value or popularity.  A player doesn't necessarily have to have a 30 point game in order to skyrocket!  People tend to invest in players on good teams, because their investments offer more security as opposed to Superstars on lower tier teams around the NBA.
We will keep everyone posted with more updates on what players and teams to keep an eye on.  Thanks for the support, and we are one day closer to getting the priceless feeling of NBA Playoff basketball back.
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