Pullwax Prospects: Jalen Green Jumps Over NCAA

Jalen Green (right), RJ Hampton (left) 

Image via Spin PH

It seems as if every week during the COVID-19 stay at home protocol, more and more groundbreaking events keep happening across sports!  Today’s iconic story will be focused around arguably the #1 basketball player in the country: Jalen Green.


It became breaking news when the High School Superstar (Green) made a public statement that the NBA G-League has reached out to him with a $500,000 offer.  Jalen Green and his family accepted this unique opportunity and have decided to jump over the NCAA Men’s Basketball world!  This type of news is truly crazy!


Who will decide to continue this trend?  Greg Brown?  Isaiah Todd?  Michael Foster?  Jalen Suggs?  Does RJ Hampton make his NBA move?  Who really knows!


There have been endless and instant opinions that Jalen Greens decisions will change the landscape of college basketball forever!  To be completely honest, it already has in less than 24 hours!


The Pullwax family is observing unique times in the world, and this has only mixed the pot even more. We hope you guys have a great weekend, and we will chat with you all during our Pullwax Live!


Take care and be safe!  We appreciate your support.




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