Pullwax Product Update/Weekend Preview!

We hope everyone has been well!  It seems like our beautiful hobby has been growing more and more daily!  We have all been making the most of everything with no sports for almost 7 full months.  Who would have thought that this would have ever happened globally?
On a positive note, the staff at Pullwax has been working super long days and nights in an attempt to bring in the top rated new, and older products for our community!
Some of the great newer high end products we have available this week include NBA Noir Hobby, NBA Select  Hobby FOTL, NBA Select Hobby, NBA Prizm Choice and Hobby, and also a great restock of Mosaic!
Amazing products that came in from previous years include NBA Prizm Hobby 2014-15, NBA Select Hobby 2017-18, NBA Prizm Blaster Boxes 2018-19, NBA Optic Choice 2018-19 and so much more.
All available sealed products/wax are always available for purchase at PULLWAX.COM
We will be sure to give everyone more daily updates when we find more of the top products!  It’ll be another busy and exciting weekend and Pullwax Headquarters, and we hope to rip wax with everyone and pull the next $10,000 card!
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