Pullwax Live General FAQ

Today for our Pullwax Community, we wanted to help and share with everyone a good general list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that we get during our Instagram/Twitch Live.
What is a Team Break?
These usually consist of 10 slots; each slot gets 3 random teams.  Each Team Break is different and varies in price. All of the best/top teams are split and put into 3 consecutive and separate randomizers to make it the most fair for every slot in the Team Break. These are an affordable option to open boxes without paying crazy resale prices
What is a Filler?
A Filler is when a Team Break has a small number of random spots remaining and people enter a randomizer in hopes of getting in the MAIN Team Break.  In other words, a Filler is considered the Mini randomizer and a chance to enter the bigger Team Break etc.
What are Staxx/Pullstaxx?
These custom products are usually $5-10 mystery pulls that include “Chaser” cards where you hope to pick the correct number and win a chaser/valuable card.  Non-chaser cards will have comparable value of the given amount. These are very popular ways to try and hit big cards for a low price!
What is a Pullpack?
These are another custom product that are typically priced at $30. These custom mystery packs have a variety of valued cards and also contain BIG HITS if you are lucky enough to hit the right numbers.  This custom product is very good for collector and resale value in the community
What are Slabs?
A Slab is a Graded sports card
What is is an RPA?
RPA stands for Rookie Patch Autograph
What does “Raw” mean?
Raw means the sports card is ungraded and can still be mailed in to get professional grading
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