Pullwax Highlight Pull: Zion /8 Select Envelope

Image via @TheRealPullman

We have a Pelican; it’s a Rookie!  No way, it’s not him; Zion Williamson!  That’s exactly how the sequence of events unfolded last night on Pullwax Live as our good friend @SteveCanal got insanely and arguably once in a lifetime lucky!
We recently were lucky to receive a small shipment of NBA Select 2020 China Envelope exclusives which only yield 2 CARDS!  The price point on this box of cards is steep, however landing any major Rookie or Veteran numbered /8 will earn a fun trip to the bank.
We have looked high and low for price comparisons, and it’s just too rare of a card right now to even get a comp.  The honest value of this card right now could be anywhere from $10,000-20,000 raw ungraded!  Yes, 1 sports card might indeed be worth $20,000 without even being professionally graded by PSA or BGS.
While this box costs roughly $800-900 in current resale trends, hitting that type of card is something that our good friend Steve will remember forever!  “Scared money don’t make no money” is a staple term in our Pullwax community!
We hope to see you guys this weekend on Instagram and Twitch!
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