Pullwax Highlight Pull: LeBron Courtside Red Wave

Image via @TheRealPullman


Wow!  We did not expect to have back to back nights on Pullwax Live with this type of heat coming from the Select NBA China Exclusive Team Breaks for our members!  This LeBron James Courtside Red Wave is yet another healthy $1,000+ card in a very limited market!  We only found one other price comparison (comp.) for this card around the $1,400 range.

Who knows what will be opened next in these crazy hot cases of rare Select NBA 2019-20 TMALL Exclusive.  One of the fun parts about opening rare boxes is that you can find valuable cards that don't always have to be Rookies!  Not every big card opened is LeBron, but theres not many better cards (for value) that someone would rather pull! 

We look forward to opening more heat and enjoying the virtual company with our members this weekend!  Make sure to stay up to date with our Facebook and Instagram!




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