Pullwax Giannis RC Chase Begins! Opening Sealed Select 2013-14 Case

When do we ever get to see something crazy like this?  Yes, this is a SEALED CASE of NBA Select Hobby 2013-14 containing many one of a kind hits such as Giannis Antetokounmpo Rookie Cards and many others.
The amazing irony of all this happening is that 7 years ago yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks took a huge gamble on drafting Giannis!  Somehow, 7 years later,  Pullwax and it’s community are chasing his Rookie Cards!  Certain graded Giannis Rookie Cards are worth upwards of 5,000+ which is crazy, and might even go up more in value with a chance of consecutive MVP campaigns.
Everything comes full circle one way or another to say the least.  We hope to open up some more beautiful 2013-14 cards this weekend!
Making Cards Great Again

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