Pullwax Birthday Shoutout: The Real Pullman Turns 28!

Today the Pullwax staff and community would like to give a warm and loving Birthday Shoutout to The Real Pullman!  Mike turns 28 on Saturday and is the Founder and Operator of Pullwax!
In order to complete a goal such as creating Pullwax, you have to put endless time into trying a new craft with lots of room for error and even bad luck to happen. By no means are sports cards an easy avenue to make money if you don’t have the true effort and willingness to make sacrifices in other aspects of your free time!
Well, that’s exactly what Mike has slowly done for all of us!  He created a one of kind community and platform for people who love to buy, sell and trade sports cards!  Although Pullwax is still in its early stages, we want to say thank you for all the time you’ve put in thus far, and Happy Early Birthday to The Real Pullman Mike!  
Enjoy your weekend, and make sure to RIP RESPONSIBLY, BROTHER!
Making Cards Great Again!

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