PSA Group Submissions Coming Soon! More BIG News Coming!

We have some great news to announce at Pullwax!  After long consideration and thought, we have decided to roll out Group PSA Submission offerings to our community!  We do not have exact methods or tiers of submissions yet, but we have been working endlessly to think of different options in getting your sports cards graded.

PSA Submissions have arguably increased to the highest degree across the sports card industry within the past 4 months.  COVID-19 did not help with this process, either.  While PSA seems to be getting more submissions than they ever have in that period, we are still very excited to work with our community and roll out many different orders to PSA and potentially other grading companies in the future.

We will post any and all updates regarding PSA and our group submissions here on our Blog, Facebook and Instagram!  We can't wait to submit cards in hopes of getting PSA 10s with everyone!



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