The 2018 Draft was arguably one of the best quarterback classes the NFL had seen since 2004 when Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger were selected. The Quarterback class of Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson proved themselves in enough college that they all earned first-round picks. While some of the quarterbacks are still finding their ways into the NFL, others confirmed they should have been selected higher than others this weekend. With Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, and Lamar Jackson, leading their teams to victory and having unbelievable performances. We now ask ourselves if this might be one of the best quarterback classes since that 2004 draft.

    The #1 pick, Baker Mayfield, took down one of the most surprising teams this NFL season, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baker Mayfield finished the game going 21/34, 263 yards, three touchdowns, with zero sacks or interceptions. While the Browns defense mainly kept them in the game with four interceptions, Baker and the offense took over the competition when needed. The Browns took home their first playoff win since 1994. This Browns team might make a surprising run in the playoffs if players like Chubb, Hunt, and Landry can continue playing at this level. Baker's National Treasure true RPA is going through the roof and selling for $2,200 a couple of days before the big game! We should see his prices begin to soar in the coming days! Even his 2018 Prizm base PSA 10 is up over 46% the past 30 days, jumping to just under $300! Could this be the beginning of the rise of Baker Mayfield and his card prices?

    Last season the Bills took the NFL by storm, and no one knew exactly how good Josh Allen was. Everyone thought he was a bust in his rookie season, throwing only ten touchdowns and 12 interceptions; the Bills thought they didn't have much in the Wyoming Quarterback, yet he proved the entire Bills Mafia and organization wrong. In the past two seasons, he threw for 57 touchdowns and 7,600 yards. His arm isn't the only impressive thing however, Allen can run and win games with his feet as well. Last season rushing for 510 yards with 9 Touchdowns, and this season running for 421 with another 8, proved he's one of the better dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL. Yesterday was no different for Allen, throwing for 324 yards, two throwing touchdowns, while rushing for 54 yards, and adding in a rushing touchdown as well! Allen took the most considerable leap out of the three quarterbacks via card prices this season too! Prizm base PSA 10 is up to just under $900, moving up over 119% the past 30 days alone! Big cash has been coming from his RPA's from National Treasures, reaching the $30,000 mark for a BGS 9.5!

     Talking about dual-threat quarterbacks, you cannot forget to mention the name... Lamar Jackson. Selected with the last pick in the first round in 2018, everyone had many questions if Lamar could bring his type of playstyle to the NFL. After an early exit in the playoffs last year following an incredible season, Lamar had vengeance on his mind. Beating the Titians this weekend,
Lamar Jackson might be back to that playstyle people were speculating. Rushing for 136 yards and throwing for another 179 yards, the Ravens might have just got the steal of the draft. Lamar is the pure definition of a dual-threat quarterback and might change how the game is played, just like how Vince Young, Michael Vick, and Cam Newton did in the NFL. Lamar’s card prices have not seen too much of a jump over the past 30 days (up about 56%), but if we take a look at Jacksons long-term profit, that's where the numbers jump out! In June, his card prices were selling at around $110 for base Prizm PSA 10… currently reaching just shy of $1,000. His stock rose significantly! His National Treasures True RPA has seen a jump as well! Jumping to $6,700 recently, Lamar Jackson and his card prices might be back to where they will
continuously trend!

    The AFC shined this weekend with flashing colors as the 2018 quarterback class took over. Will this be only the beginning of these young stars and some big careers ahead of them? When big players play big games, we see even more significant leaps in prices. While most of these prices are reactive, it's interesting to think if these prices will go up from here! 2018 class found themselves this weekend, beating some big and veteran names. With the young quarterbacks stepping up, it makes you wonder if these quarterbacks who have been in the league for a while have passed the torch!

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