Panini Prices BOOM Again! What Caused The Surge?

It seems like the basketball card stock market, created by collectors and Panini America, is becoming more expensive every week. Not only have we seen individual sports card prices significantly increase among a lot of 1st/2nd Year NBA Players, but prices on sealed cases and single boxes have also taken another price boom!  What is causing this?
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Would it be that people are missing out on sports so much, that they are using sports cards of their favorite players as a vice?  Do you guys/gals believe that people buy expensive sports cards for the pure reason that that usually appreciate value?  To be honest, it happens frequently!
Recent price booms across the basketball card market have left breakers, collectors and investors scratching their heads a bit.  A handful of examples to think about would be that NBA Panini Prizm Hobby was originally selling for around $350-400 per box!  In the current market, a sealed box is worth around $1,400+ and actively going up!
In the bigger picture, sealed cases have even spiked in price, too!  Pullwax Mike (@TheRealPullman) mentioned that most of his vendors have increased prices by ($X,XXX) on certain products across the board.  In the world of business, things like this happen often.
The supply and demand of sports cards has taken off like nothing else within the last 2 decades. The only comparison would likely be the sneaker reselling culture!  However, sports cards and their uniqueness provide a much more wide variety and opportunity for people to expand and grow their portfolio.  Everyone wants to hit huge cards that they can either hold onto for an amazing return, or even to flip right away and keep experimenting in the hobby!  Sports cards give people so many different options with what to do with his or her collection.
Sports card are getting expensive, but they have so many upside factors as well.  We appreciate everyone so much in supporting and helping Pullwax get just a little better daily!  We will be on Pullwax Live today around 3PM EST.  See you guys then, and make sure to always Rip Responsibly during these times in the world.
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