Optic China Envelopes For Sale Tonight!!

Image via @TheRealPullman
What have we come across today?  Does that look like a handful of Optic China Envelopes in front of our eyes?  It sure is, ladies and gentlemen!  You know how the first batch of Select Envelopes went!  It was something that you had to stay up all night for, even if you had commitments the next day!
These Optic Envelopes are extremely rare and cannot be purchased on many of the top tier sports card websites, if any.  Each envelope comes with 2 cards, but numbered /8.  These products can be a hit or miss, but they can be so special if you hit a big Rookie or Veteran!
You really never know who’s going to be pulled from the box!  The anticipation of opening such high and and limited products is what we all live for. Who wouldn’t want a Ja or Zion numbered /8?
Check us out tonight on Pullwax Live as we rip some of the most expensive and unique sports cards in the world!
Making Cards Great Again!

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