NFL Post Season Looming

NFL Post Season Looming

This NFL season has been…well…interesting. With all the opt-outs early in the season, players in and out of Covid-19 protocols, to just the entire NFC East division. Yet we finally made it; the NFL postseason is finally here! With many teams riding on this last and final game of the season, we take a look at NFL playoff scenarios for the remaining teams that are not locked in already.

-Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Beagles
Ravens get into the playoffs with a win, Cleveland loss, or Indianapolis loss.
If Baltimore ties the game with Cincinnati, the Dolphins, Titians, Browns, and Colts must all lose.

-Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh
Browns are in the playoffs with a win over the Steelers, Colts loss, Titans loss, plus Dolphins win
plus Ravens win or tie.
If Cleveland were to tie, the Ravens, Dolphins, Titans must lose, or the Colts were to tie.

-Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Colts can make it in with a win plus a Ravens loss, Browns loss, or Dolphins loss.
If the Colts were to tie, they need the Ravens to lose or the Browns to lose, or the Dolphins to

-Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
A Dolphins win gets them in, a loss with either Ravens, Browns, or Colts.
If Miami can tie, the Ravens, Browns, and Colts must tie. Or a Titans loss
-Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans
*Can clinch South Division with a win or Colts loss
Titans can make the playoffs with a Ravens or Miami loss. If the Titans were to tie, they need a
Cleveland loss or Miami or Ravens tie.

-Arizona Cardinals @ L.A. Rams
Arizona gets into the playoffs with a win or tie, plus Chicago loss

-Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers
Chicago clinches with a win, Cardinals loss, or Chicago & Arizona both tie.

-L.A. Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals
Rams are in the postseason with a win or tie, Or if Chicago loses or ties.
NFC East situations

*No teams are eligible for Wild Card. Each must win the division.

-Dallas Cowboys
Must win or Washington loss or tie. Or Dallas tie plus Washington loss.

-New York Giants
The Giants clinch the division title with a win, plus Washington loss.

-Washington Football team
Wins division with a win or a tie plus Cowboys loss or tie.

This NFL Sunday slate is going to be intense! There are so many different scenarios that will play
out. Make sure to grab some popcorn, load up Red Zone, and prepared for a full day of
different outcomes and possibilities that can play out. Welcome to the NFL postseason!

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