New Pullwax Live Record?  14+ Hour Review!

New Pullwax Live Record? 14+ Hour Review!

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On Monday night, Pullwax may have recorded its longest Instagram Live to date!  With only a few 5-10 minute intermissions to get water or set up Team Breaks, the Pullwax staff managed to go strong with Pullwax Live for 14+ hours of ripping sports cards!  Who would have figured that this milestone would happen on a Monday?
We featured a lot of our traditional ways to open up packs last night.  There was randomly a good mix of both NBA and NFL personals from last night.  In fact, NFL Panini Prizm 2018-19 Hobby was very popular.  We started with 9-10 Hobby Boxes, and theres currently only 1 box left or potentially all sold out.
One of the other cool highlights from Monday night was opening a sealed case of NBA Flawless 2017-18 via Hit Draft!  Not only is this product super hard to find, but also a lot of Rookies from that specific class have really taken off in value!  2 of the highlight pulls from the case were a Bam Adebayo RPA /15 and a Shaq Diamond /15 with COA (Certificate Of Authenticity).  One last fire pull from the case was a Julius Erving Auto /15 red color match.
The rest of the night consisted of different price variations of our PullBox.  This custom product usually contains a mix of sealed NBA wax and individual high end Rookie lots with big upside for the future.
None of this would be happening without our loving customer base and hardworking staff!  We can't thank everyone enough for helping Pullwax grow in different ways.  This week will feature some great custom products for everyone to enjoy along with new Team Breaks and maybe even Case Breaks!  We hope to chat and open cards with everyone soon!
Thank you so much for your continued support!
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