NBA ROTY: Ja or Zion?

Special shoutout to our Social Media Mogul/Specialist @PhillyFlipz

Today on Instagram, we uploaded one of the best debates across all of sports this season: Ja or Zion?  
Who deserves to win this NBA Award?  Would a full season of 82 games have any difference of who wins?  A fair and unbiased opinion may be that Ja Morant did in fact play more games and have more than enough WOW moments that would earn him this title!
However, our short glimpse of the generational talent in Zion Williamson was absolutely special.  Williamson was averaging close to 25 points per game in his mini sample of work.
Regardless of who wins this season, Pullwax is cheering on both of these young promising stars. Both players bring so much excitement and raw talent to the NBA game.  The sky is the limit for both Ja and Zion!
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