NBA Playoffs Star Under The Radar

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We are all getting ready for lots of surprises in the coming weeks with the NBA coming back into full swing!  Players have been entering, and trying to get comfortable with their "Bubble Lifestyle" and staying focused on the goal of winning an NBA Championship.
While most of us have a good feel of what players to focus on during the playoffs, we also have to look at the X Factor type players that can make a team soar or fail.  When thinking of the NBA Playoffs, a Co-Superstar in Jaylen Brown is not always focused on being someone who is going to push their team to a championship.  However, Brown has had a solid season even with small obstacles.
Jaylen Brown is averaging just over 20 points per game this season, and is in a position to take a huge step with both his career and playoff confidence.  The whole world seems to be focusing on Jayson Tatum, but Jaylen Brown might prove to be a huge player to also focus on for the Boston Celtics.
The Eastern Conference will be very interesting to watch during the NBA Playoffs, as there is arguably 4 main contenders who have a chance at reaching The Finals.  These 4 teams primarily include The Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and 76ers.
We are excited to watch todays first games after almost a 140 day absence of no NBA!  Everything is feeling just a little more normal, day by day.  We will see everyone on Pullwax Live this week!
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