NBA: No Decision Until May

The Pullwax Community has been itching to watch sports for almost 40 days at this point.  Also, until Monday night, we hadn’t gotten any true updates on major sports or where their current positions are moving forward.
Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, made a public announcement (mainly to ESPN/TNT) that there will be no update or decision about the NBA until AT LEAST May.  Hearing those words being said so casually, was a dagger for all of us!  We seriously miss our favorite athletes and sports.
On a positive note, Silver did mention that his “perfect world” idea would be to include the return of at least a partial NBA regular season; before playoffs.
Regardless of what happens, moments such as all major sports shutting down show people how “invested” they are into the sports that they love.  The amount of time, emotion, money, scheduling, and many other things are only a glimpse of how serious people globally appreciate and invest into sports.
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