Most Undervalued NBA Investment Right Now!

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There’s a good amount of players around the NBA where you might question why their cards are worth so much, or so little.  Sometimes, a players skill and talent level does not always mean their stock value will identically match.  There’s no specific reason behind this, and it makes the sports card industry even more interesting!
Anthony Davis is arguably the most undervalued NBA All Star around the entire NBA.  His Rookie and Veteran cards do of course hold value, but there doesn't seem to be that extra "pop" in his cards like a few other players.
Do you think the reasoning behind this might be that Davis is a bigger Power Forward (almost Center position worthy) and also being a Co-Superstar with LeBron?  Some of his statistics and individual games from this season are out of this world!  Who else has had games with 40 points and 20 rebounds in the Western Conference?  In that game alone, he made 26 Free Throws.  To say the least, Anthony Davis cards are undervalued and are likely to not stay that way forever.  If he wins his first NBA Finals, his cards will soar and hopefully match his amazing talent.
Honorable Mention on lower end investments leading up to the NBA Playoffs:  Donte DiVincenzo and Jaylen Brown
Both players have had great individual seasons and are on teams that can make a deep run in the playoffs.  Jaylen Brown is especially trending within the last 10 days, but Donte also has a chance to do great things with Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks.
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