MJ: Last Dance Begins

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There’s no question that sports fans around the globe have been anticipating Michael Jordan’s highly acclaimed documentary being shown on ESPN: The Last Dance.
This series will have 10 extremely special episodes unfolding Jordan’s one of a kind final championship run with the Chicago Bulls. This documentary also features an amazing list of NBA Legends and global celebrities.
An interesting topic to talk about from the first couple episodes was the huge focus on how Michael Jordan did not want to play for any other coach besides Phil Jackson.  While Phil and Michael arguably developed their careers around the same time, they managed to create a one of a kind bond and win 6 NBA Finals together!
It’s hard to say if we’ve seen those types of coach and player bonds in the current times of the NBA, which makes this story even better.  It’s almost like we have sports back with this documentary airing every weekend!  For now, we will take what we can get and enjoy this special Michael Jordan Masterpiece with the rest of the world.
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