Market Movement 3/7-3/13

    With the market ramping up with the NBA all-star game finished, Spring Training starting up, and the NFL in their offseason, there has been a huge turn of events in the card market. The top 5 "Market Movements" this week have been specific to MLB & NBA.


#1- Nic Claxton (Brooklyn Nets)- February 23rd Nic Claxton finally stepped on the floor after injury and since then has really made himself known in Brooklyn! There is no doubt that since James Harden joined the Nets earlier this season, the Brooklyn Nets has become one of the most talked-about teams in the NBA. In his opening debut, he scored 10 points, 4 steals, 3 rebounds, and 2 blocks in only 15 minutes. While DeAndre Jordan gets the starting job as the starter center, much focus might be for this Nets organization's future. Last week the Nets went 2-0 with a win over the Celtics and Pistons. Claxton only scored 4 points vs. the Celtics and 8 vs. the Pistons. While those numbers might not reflect big numbers, his card prices say other! On March 9th, you could pick up a 2019 NBA Prizm for $1.25, currently trending at $9.99; that's almost a 700% increase over the week! Nic Claxton might not be the "answer" to the Nets winning a championship, but if he gives Brooklyn that spark off the bench, we might see more of his name in the future!

Buy, Sell or Hold: Buy


#2- Kevin Porter Jr. (Houston Rockets)- Kevin Porter Jr. has been an interesting topic in the NBA this season. After getting dropped from the Cavaliers after getting arrested with weapon charges, the rockets picked him up and sent him down to their g-league team. Since getting a second opportunity with the rockets organization, he averaged 24.1 PPG, 6.5 RPG, and 7.2 SPG. Those stats could be elite in the NBA. Once Houston realized the potential, he called him up, and KPJ has been on a tear! Last week, the Rockets didn't do that well, but Kevin Porter Jr. has not held back. He scored 13 points against the Kings and 27 against the Jazz. Say what you want about Kevin's past, but he is ready to prove himself once again. March 9th, his 2019 Prizm Silver raw was going for around $83… since then has peaked at $202. As the Rockets continue to struggle, I don't see them sticking with this same team, but if Kevin Porter Jr. can continue his play, his card prices might be exciting in the future!

Buy, Sell, or Hold: Hold


#3- Bobby Witt Jr. (Kanas City Royals)- BASEBALL IS BACK! Spring training has been red-hot, and you cannot talk about Spring Training without talking about Bobby Witt Jr., The 20 yr. old shortstop has gained a significant account of attention the past couple of weeks! With Spring Training stats of 7 hits, 2 home runs, 6 total runs, 1 walk, and averaging .333 at-bat, he has caught sports card investors' attention! Once his 484 ft. homerun broke the internet, people fled to his card prices. With a current sale on March 9th, his Bowman Chrome Auto sold for $602… RAW! While this might be a slight overreaction, we can't ignore it. Although they do share the same division with the Twins, Tigers, Indians, and White Sox… Bobby Witt Jr. might help the Royals in contention of that AL Central.

Buy, Sell or Hold: Sell


#4 Tyler Herro (Miami Heat)- Coming into this season, Tyler Herro was talked about as one of the most underrated rookies. Once the Heat reached the finals, we saw his card prices surpass expectations. It is naturally going to be hard to reach heights once your team reaches the highest level possible, and we have seen that with Herro and his card prices. Although he is still averaging 15.7 PPG, he has really struggled behind the arch (which was his strong suit last season), hitting only slightly above 30% from the arch. Which might still seem extremely impressive he was hitting almost 40% last season. As a "lights out shooter," he needs to be better. We have probably seen the biggest dip in his Mosaic prices! Mosaic, at one point, was the hottest card to chase, so the fact it's down almost 70% is something that catches the eye! I think that Herro has incredible potential in the NBA, and with that being said, I'm taking this opportunity to BUY!

Buy, Sell or Hold: BUY, BUY, BUY

#5 Coby White (Chicago Bulls)- Like Herro, Coby White was one of the rookies last year that took the NBA by storm. The Bulls are still in contention for the playoffs after the all-star break (even after going 0-2 last week). White went 18 & 8 for points and had truly become the second option in Chicago behind Levine. While White made history last season with scoring 30+ points in three straight games, since then has been inconsistent. Averaging 16 PPG this season brings attention if "he is just in the wrong market" or "he is just too inconsistent to be a superstar in the NBA." With his current market trending down 34%, it will be interesting to see where his cards go from here. I don't see the Bulls going far in the East, but if they can add one or two more pieces behind Coby White, we might see an increase in his potential in the future.

Buy, Sell, or Hold: Hold


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