March Madness: What Could Have Been

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This year in sports started out amazing, yet came to a standstill and was cancelled among every major sport that The Pullwax Family loves watching!
Today ironically, would have been the NCAA March Madness National Championship.  While the tournament (among many other events) was cancelled on March 12th, this left thousands of both Student Athletes and fans around the country shocked in disbelief.
Although COVID-19 was known to be a serious global virus, it was hard for all of us to soak in the cancellation of such a priceless and special event to finish off the NCAA Basketball season that was shaping up for a great ending.
With that said, today allows for a moment to appreciate and reflect on all the sports that we were in fact able to enjoy at one point this season.
Who would have won it all this year?  Who would have survived and reached The Final Four?  We will never know.  This year will be remembered historically forever without a doubt.
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