If You Could Invest Into Only 1 Player During NBA Playoffs....

If You Could Invest Into Only 1 Player During NBA Playoffs....

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If it came down to investing and riding the wave with only 1 NBA Superstar during this years NBA Playoffs, who would you take?  Kawhi?  Giannis?  Lebron?  Tatum?  Would you guys take a risk in someone in only their 2nd season in the NBA such as Luka Doncic?  
The previously named NBA Superstars would be a clear favorite for fans around the league, but what if you can only choose a single player to bring you home a huge return and profit by winning it all, or even reaching The Finals?
Looking at this season with all of its unique variables, LeBron James or Giannis would be a safe bet for going "all in" regarding this years playoffs.  If you could only choose one, it might be safer in choosing The King LeBron James and his team.  Their unique roster gives them a great chance in making the Conference and eventually NBA Finals.  Although, they did recently lose Rajon Rondo for the remainder of the season, LeBron and Anthony Davis will be very hard to contain for a 7 game playoff series.
If LeBron were to reach The Finals, people may bet highly on the Los Angeles Lakers.  By this time, his cards will have easily gone up in value by a huge amount.  A smart and strategic bet could be to unload a percentage of cards in a timely manner while The Finals is unfolding before our eyes.  If he wins, you still have inventory and stock in front of you.  If he doesn't win, you were able to make a huge return because of the situational opportunity of LeBron and his playoff run.
We will roll out more predictions as we gear up for basketball to resume play!  Make sure to check us out on Instagram and Twitch this week!
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