BREAKING: NBA Will Return at Disney

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The news that millions of people have been waiting for!  Yes, the NBA is coming back sooner than later!  For many of us, there’s nothing else that we would want to hear!  For the staff at Pullwax, we couldn’t be more excited to watch the most exciting sport and professional sports association around the whole globe!
Let’s get ready for some NBA Playoff basketball.  Let’s gear up for ultra competitive 7 Game Series where matchups change every game, every quarter, every minute. The intensity is something that NBA fans have a unique taste for!  There is nothing better than NBA Playoff basketball.
We are finally getting answers in the Pullwax community. We are getting professional basketball back!  This is a huge win for everybody.  Expect more updates to come soon and more timelines to become public this week.
After the long wait, who’s winning the NBA Finals this year?  Will it be Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks?  Will it be LeBron James, Anthony Davis and The Lake Show?  Do teams like the Raptors or Clippers have enough sneaky firepower to reach The Finals?
We will stay in close touch with the NBA and their updates. Make sure to keep following our Blog and Instagram for more updates!
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