Biggest PULLBOX Ever? $12,000+ PullBox Being Ripped Tonight!

Tonight on Pullwax Live, we will be opening the biggest PullBox ever created at Pullwax!  Our Pullwax Custom Products Expert, Big Pullman Kahoon, loaded crazy graded cards, singles and sealed wax in the box.  This PullBox is valued around $12,000-14,000 and again, always with positive upside on everything!
The cool thing about either getting huge single cards or sealed wax in these custom products is that 9 times out of 10, the value on almost every single "slot" in the PullBox will go up in value.  Just this week, we have seen a decent jump in Zion and Ja prices across the board.  Low, medium and high end cards of those players and a couple others have absolutely increased in value due to their increasing stock!  Zion, Ja and a handful of other Rookies are very special this year with HUGE potential and upside.
Tonights PullBox can absolutely expect some crazy PSA 10s and sealed boxes!  In this market, theres nothing better than either of those options in the wide and increasingly popular sports card market that all of us love.
We can't wait to open this monster with everyone, and there is currently about half of the slots still available!  Don't miss out on a crazy chance for huge cards!
Making Cards Great Again

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