Big Names, Big Sales!

Big Names, Big Sales!

    The NFL postseason is officially here. This past Sunday lived up to the hype, and we saw games come down to the final second and games having shocking play calling. This NFL season has been tremendous for the card market as well. Some of the top quarterbacks have seen substantial price increases on their cards. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes are all in talks for becoming MVP at the end of this season! Let’s take a look at the growth of their cards over this NFL season.

    2012 Russell Wilson Prizm PSA 10 (Towel Up) - Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have a tough matchup this week against the L.A. Rams. Wilson is performing out of his mind throwing for over 4,200 yards and having over 40 touchdowns a game. Yet his 2012 Prizm PSA 10 says other. At the peak of his sales in late September, reaching just over $2,685, we have seen a drop in prices. Selling now at the average price of $2,250-$2,500, I think this card is hugely undervalued. While Seattle’s defense has been at the bottom in the NFL, that does not reflect Wilson's talent and the way he has been playing. Even if we see Seahawks leave the playoffs early, I think this is a significant buying opportunity and holding because Russell Wilson will be a Hall of Fame
member once he retires!

    2005 Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome PSA 10- Rodgers is not playing like the 37-year-old that he is. The Packers are top of the NFC North and have earned a first-week bye in this years postseason. Having a 70% completion rate and throwing for 48 touchdowns, there is an apparent reason why Aaron Rodgers is in talk for MVP this season. If you were lucky enough to repurchase his PSA 10 Topps Chrome rookie in early October, your return on investment is looking pretty impressive since they are up almost 70% in just four months. Buying earlier this season, you were looking to spend around $1,250-$1,500; now, they are consistently around the $2,000-$2,500 mark! Packers will most likely make a deep run in the playoffs, and if Rodgers comes away with the MVP trophy, these might hit the $1,500 mark easily.

    2018 Josh Allen Prizm PSA 10- Probably one of the biggest surprises the past two seasons has been Josh Allen. His rookie season, most people thought Buffalo made a colossal mistake. Throwing for only ten touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 12 games was not the ideal spot the Bills wanted. Josh has proven everyone wrong the past two seasons, though! Reaching 37 touchdowns on a 62% completion rate, he is the reason why the Buffalo Bills have been so successful. Early on in the season, you could have bought his 2018 Prizm rookie raw for right around $40 as a buy it now; Currently, his PSA 10's are consistently around $800… no one expected Josh Allen to blow up the way he has. This Sunday, the 13-3 Buffalo Bills will take on the 11-5 Indianapolis Colts. As the Bills continue to make more significant roster moves, I don't see his rookies going down any time soon!

    2017 Patrick Mahomes Silver Prizm PSA 10- We might be taking a look at the face of the NFL (if he already is not) in the next five-six years. Patrick Mahomes is playing unbelievably, and he is doing it week after week. Mahomes broke out in 2018 with his insane 50 touchdown season and has not looked back since. While this season "took a step back" and throwing for "only" 38, his athleticism and vision on the football field are entirely changing the game of football. He has rushed for the most yards in his career with 308. Yet he is still managing to throw the ball for almost 4800 yards. With winning the Super Bowl last season, everyone expects the Kansas City Chiefs to do it again. With a top sale of $9,000 for his PSA 10 Silver Prizm, who knows what the ceiling is for just the 3rd year quarterback, Patrick Mahomes!

    This hobby is exceptionally reactive, and you need to treat it like the stock market. Ride the trends, sell when players are hot, and buy when they are not. You have to be okay with taking profits. It is impossible to know when the peak of a card is going to be. Players like Joe Burrow, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones have seen significant drops in their cards since injuries, and they have not lived up to the hype. Use a player like Jimmy Garoppolo, leading the 49’ers to the
super bowl last season, and everyone was buying up his cards thinking he would have incredible years ahead. Niners lose, and his Topps Chrome rookies are selling less than $40. Follow trends, take profits, and do not hold on to a card for too long!

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